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Orbis treasure every cent of your donation. In the financial year of 2018, supporters across the globe generously gave over US $246 millions (Donation and gift-in-kind). Thanks to our committed donors, supporters and volunteers, we are a step closer to our vision of a world where no-one is needlessly blind.

How we used your donations?

2017 Orbis Annual Report

In Hong Kong, Orbis has succeeded in raising $211,890,261. We entered 2018 financially well-positioned to support the growth of its global operations and to best serve its goal of transforming lives through eliminating avoidable blindness.

Orbis Audited Financial Statements 2018

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in 2017, we achieved at our partner institutions and on Flying Eye Hospital:

  • Trained 63,063 eye care specialists
  • Performed 78,195 eye surgeries
  • Screened/examined 4,847,084 patients (Adult and children)

Use of our telemedicine platform - Cybersight

By sharing cutting edge technologies via Cybersight, our expert volunteers are able to teach and support eye care teams the whole world over. In 2018 alone, we welcomed 5,872 attendees from 165 countries to 89 live, online training events. Our volunteers also facilitated roughly 2,160 patient consultations. With our technology, we can provide services to remote areas and even conflict regions. In 2018, we began regular, live video consultation sessions with a hospital in Syria, which continues to operate despite the ongoing conflict.

Little eyes hoping desperately to see!

July 16, 2018

​While seven-year-old Shandong youngster Shi Hao’s face is always wreathed in innocent smiles, his laughter hides a sad story. His exotropia and amblyopia-ravaged left eye is also a source of endless worry for his poor Mum who wishes only that her son could see properly and so lead a normal life.
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