Visual problems of Hongkongers

According to the Census and Statistics Department’s Special Topics Report No. 62 “Persons with disabilities and chronic diseases” of December 2014, 174,800 Hongkongers – around 2.4% of the Territory’s population – suffer from some form of visual impairment.

Increased viewing of the screens on handphones, laptop computers and tablets are all causing increased incidences of visual problems such as shortsightedness amongst youngsters; as is the local fashion for wearing colored contact lenses.

As the average age of Hong Kong’s population increases steadily between now and in next 10 years, so too will the number of sufferers of diabetes and related eye conditions. The end result is that the territory and its medical infrastructure are sitting on a ticking time bomb of large-scale sight loss.

Orbis’s “Eye Brightening Community Program” Is Stepping Into the Community and Taking Action:

  1. REMIND Hongkongers to book annual eye checks and pay greater attention to their sight
  2. ENHANCE local people’s poor visual habits by sharing daily eye care knowledge communitywide
  3. EXPLAIN the major causes of serious eye diseases and arrange eye examinations for the needy/those most at risk
  4. INTEGRATE voluntary eye care organizations to help protect Hongkongers’ sight
  5. TRANSFORM the lives of needlessly blind people worldwide by launching new global blindness prevention and sight-saving initiatives

Caring for Hong Kong Eye Health

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