Primary School Campaign 2023-24

Are you preparing an interesting and meaningful extracurricular activities for students? The new "Blindfolded Lunch" activity provides students with a valuable experience that combines sensory stimulation and empathy cultivation, allowing them to understand the value of vision through games and educational school talks. Registration is now open!

A Ground Breaking Blindfold Experience

Myopia among Hong Kong’s schoolchildren reaches the highest in the world. To ensure our kids are aware of the importance of eye protection from an early age, OrbisZEISS Vision Care Primary School Campaign 2023-2024 "Blindfold Lunch" takes students to experience the challenges of visually impaired the first hand.

During the event, our Orbis Campus Ambassadors will invite all students to put on a lovely blindfold for an exceptional dining experience so that they get to know the preciousness of vision. We will also engage and enhance young diners’ eye care knowledge via informative eye care tips and interactive games. At the end of the meal, everyone will be encouraged to share their newfound compassion by filling out gratitude cards.

With just one lunch break and a cute eye mask, students can understand the importance of vision. Orbis will also provide enhancement material. Orbis is happy to provide the following to help organize the event after enrolment:

  • Poster
  • Eye care worksheet
  • Self Snellen Chart
  • Parents letter template
  • Donation page
  • Collect donation and provide donation receipt
  • School thank you certificate

Orbis would provide workshops such as AR glasses to the kids to understand different eye diseases. We can also provide materials for schools exhibitions.

Application Procedure:

  1. The school can organize the event at any day. Please fill in the enrolment form and return to Orbis for arrangement.
  2. School talk is available from Monday to Friday; 9:30am to 5:00pm.
  3. Orbis will send out promotion materials including Blindfold Lunch poster, eyecare pamphlet and parent letter template to school.
  4. The school will distribute the eye care pamphlet together with the parent letter to students and parents and encourage them to donate. Please solicit the total number of donations and the amount of eye care pack and submit to Orbis.
  5. Students donate HK$50 or more will be rewarded with an eye care goodie pack containing a souvenir blindfold, sticker, braille gratitude card, self Snellen Chart and eyecare picture book. Please submit the list to Orbis for delivery.
  6. Donations can be done by website, cash or check. If the school need to set up a donation website, please contact us.
  7. If donation is done by cash or check, please email the donation list to Orbis within one month after the event.
  8. Parents who donate online will receive a receipt immediately; if they donate by cash or check and the amount exceeds HK$100, they will have the receipt within three months.

Special Thanks

Want to find more?

Phone number: 2508 7025 Orbis Campus Team

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