Primary Eye Health Activity: BLINDFOLD TOUCH

Did you know that visually impaired kids who cannot properly see light, shades or shadows often use their sense of touch to inspire other youngsters to paint striking pictures? Find out more by signing your students up for our brand-new “Blindfold Touch” challenge.

The fear and anxiety of losing sight can encourage students’ empathy

“Blindfold Touch” challenge can be hold in the school or online. Students can learn how to write their names in Braille. Also, they can wear blindfolds and “feel” the lines and shapes under teachers’ voice navigation, then make up imaginative paintings on incredibly tactile canvases.

To enhance everyone’s team spirit, sense of compassion and eye care awareness, students can write down their feelings about their work. In addition, we will also be delighted to deliver a free school talk full of handy eye care tips.

All students participating in our latest “Blindfold Touch” challenge will receive an informative eyecare leaflet, eye chart and tactile canvases. There’ll also be a themed eye mask for those donating HK$40 or over.







Orbis suggests that schools can use a weekly meeting, sports or spare time to participate in the “BLINDFOLD TOUCH” challenge

1. Complete enrolment form and return to Orbis at least one-month before the event.

2. Contact Orbis to mark the date for Blindfold Touch and educational talk (in Cantonese/ English). School can organize the Blindfold Touch any day.

Educational talks to be arranged from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:00pm.

3. School can contact Orbis for activity materials like Orbis Blindfold Touch poster, themed eyecare leaflets, drawing card, parent letter template with reply slip (soft copy).

4. Send out parent letter to students.

5. Everyone donating HK$40 or over will receive a special eye-mask, count the number required for Orbis to arrange delivery.

6. After the educational talk, distribute eye masks, themed eyecare leaflets and drawing card to students, organize Orbis Blindfold Touch.

7. Send donations and receipt list to Orbis within 1 month after the activity. (Please email us the receipt name list).

8. Donation receipts will be sent to school in three months. (Only for donation HK$100 or above to save administration cost, please provide receipt list with donation amount for processing).

Donation Submission

Please submit cheque or deposit slip to Orbis:

  • By cheque payable to “Project Orbis International, Inc.”
  • Direct deposit to HSBC (a/c: 002-5-322462) or Hang Seng Bank (a/c: 258-206333-001)
  • Set up a school exclusive donation webpage that is convenient for parents to donate by credit card online, saving teachers from the cumbersome collection of donations.

Teachers can also check the names of donors and students and donation records at any time.

To help maximize your campaign’s impact, we will also be delighted to provide your school with the following support materials and assistance:

- Event poster

- Eyecare leaflets

- Tactile Canvases

- Orbis Eyecare Talk

- Electronic template of parent letter

- Donation collection

- Tax deduction receipts

Special Thanks

Want to find more?

Phone number: 2508 7025 Orbis Campus Team

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