Kindergarten eye health activity : Dance-sing Difficulty

To enhance eye care from kindergarten level and up, Orbis is now rolling out a new “Dance- sing Difficulty” eye care challenge for kids. All local kindergartens are warmly welcome to host these fun and interactive eye care workshops!

Apart from face-to-face activity, teachers can hold the Challenge online as well!

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Participants at each 45-minute challenge will be asked to don special visually-impairing spectacles before attempting to tackle a series of tricky challenges guided only by a fellow student’s voice. At the end of the session, all kids taking part can dance and sing along to a special eye care song.

Enabling the children in your care to gain first-hand experience of the hardships facing blind people across the globe, the event’s ultimate aim is to encourage youngsters to start taking better care of their sight. To reinforce the eye-care message, our dedicated campus team will visit participating schools and share daily eye-protection tips and healthy eating habits with the pupils there.


1. Complete and return the enrollment form to Orbis as soon as possible before the date of your school’s planned workshop.

2. Workshops can be organized from 9:30 to 17:00, from Mon-Fri. Please call or email us for full details of activities and materials provided.

3. Once your date is set, your school should send out permission letters to participating
student’s parents.

4. Everyone taking part will receive an Orbis goody bag including a special pair of glasses,
themed stickers and eyecare leaflets.

5. Orbis Eye-care Ambassadors will come to your school, or teacher will host the “Dance-sing
Difficulty” workshop.

6. Your school should encourage all pupils taking part to make donations – regardless of how
large or small – in support of Orbis’ work on behalf of the world’s visually impaired.

7. Participating schools should send all donations and receipts lists to Orbis no more than one month after the date of their workshops.

8. Orbis will send each school receipts for all donations of over HK$100 within three months.

By join­ing this activ­i­ty with a small taste of dif­fi­cul­ties visu­al­ly impaired peo­ple face every day, Orbis would like to encour­age the kinder­garten tod­dlers to cher­ish their sight and also devel­op the com­pas­sion for others.

To help maximize your campaign’s impact, we will also be delighted to provide your school with the following support materials:

  1. Activity Poster
  2. Eye Care Leaflet
  3. Parent’s Letter Template (Soft Copy)
  4. Collection and Receipt for Donation

Contact Orbis Campus Team

Phone number: 2508 7026 Orbis Campus

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