1. What is Orbis involved in as a charity organization in Hong Kong and internationally?

Right now, Orbis is working across the following fronts as a charitable organization in Hong Kong and abroad:

‧ Flying Eye hospital (mobile teaching hospital)

‧ Country programs

‧ Cybersight - Telemedicine

‧ Volunteer facility

‧ Advocacy

‧ Community outreach

‧ Eye care technology and innovation

‧ Collaborations and partnerships

2. What does Orbis do to fight global blindness?

Orbis is a leading charity organization that works to combat global blindness. The organization focuses on providing access to high-quality eye care, training health professionals worldwide, and advocating for the prevention of avoidable causes of blindness. Orbis works to reduce blindness by providing its expertise and resources wherever it is needed most. In partnership with local organizations, Orbis helps build strong health systems that can deliver care for years.

3. How does Orbis provide access to high-quality eye care?

Orbis works with local partners to provide eye care services and training. Our charity organization has developed a unique model for delivering comprehensive, community-based care that includes identifying individuals in need of eye care, treatment from qualified health professionals, and follow-up support.

4. How does Orbis train health professionals?

Orbis works to strengthen existing health systems by training and mentoring health professionals. Our charitable organization provides interactive, hands-on training in relevant specialities such as ophthalmology, optometry, nursing, orthoptics and clinical management. Orbis also implements programs to promote research and the adoption of new technologies in eye care services.

5. In which countries is Orbis active right now?

Orbis is presently active in various continents. In Africa, our charity organization is active in the countries of Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

In Asia, the activities of the charitable organization have made a difference in the countries of China, Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam.

In Latin America, Orbis' activities are prominent in the countries of Guyana and Peru.

6. What eye conditions does Orbis focus on?

While Orbis' focus is on enhancing all types of eye care services in low-income countries and regions of the world, the charity organization in Hong Kong prioritizes spreading awareness about particular eye problems, such as:

‧ Glaucoma

‧ Diabetic retinopathy

‧ Childhood epiblepharon

‧ Strabismus

‧ Eye allergies

‧ Eye floaters

7. How have Orbis' partnerships helped to improve eye care?

Orbis partners and collaborates with a variety of organizations, both government and non-government, across the 74 projects that the charity organization is undertaking in 19 countries around the world. The collaborations have yielded numerous successes. For instance, Orbis partnered with numerous Ethiopian hospitals in 2019, and the partnerships helped to take 13.5 million antibiotic doses to the masses of Ethiopia. The antibiotics were aimed at the treatment of prevention of a bacterial infection that can cause blindness, known as trachoma.

8. Is Orbis a member of any global initiative to improve eye care?

Yes, Orbis is a charitable organization that's a member of multiple global initiatives such as the G4 Alliance, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, and VISION 2020: The Right to Sight. The charitable organization in Hong Kong also has cordial relations with the WHO.

9. What are the ways to support Orbis?

As a charity organization in Hong Kong and internationally, Orbis offers a variety of ways for interested individuals and businesses to support its projects around the globe, such as:

‧ Charity sales

‧ Event sponsorship

‧ Joint fundraising events

‧ Donation boxes

‧ Corporate partnerships

‧ Sight-saving project

10. How can I support Orbis through direct deposits?

You can either support Orbis through direct deposits, or contribute to the charitable organization by credit card or cheque.

To help to the charity organization in Hong Kong through a direct deposit, you can use the following bank account details of the charity organization:

‧ Citibank 006-391-91060869

‧ Hang Seng Bank 258-206333-001

‧ HSBC 600-656565-001

11. How can I support Orbis by credit card or cheque?

To contribute to the charitable organization in Hong Kong by cheque, you need to fill up the form. Once you've completed filling up the relevant form, please return it to the following address:

G.P.O. Box 7419, Central, Hong Kong

The cheque should be made payable to:

Project Orbis International, Inc.

To support the charitable organization in Hong Kong by credit card, fill up the relevant form and either fax it to the following number:

(852) 2858 8888 / 2505-5179

Or, you can send the completed form to the following email address:

12. Can I play a voluntary role in Orbis' projects?

Yes, Orbis offers volunteers in the field of eye healthcare multiple opportunities to play contributory roles across all its projects. You can join the charity organization in Hong Kong as an individual volunteer or a group/corporate volunteer. You can also enroll as a co-organizer of eyecare events.

13. What roles are volunteers assigned in Orbis' projects?

Volunteers of our charitable organization in Hong Kong and overseas are assigned roles based on their strengths. For instance, if you have photography skills, you may be assigned the role of a photographer who covers all the events of our charity organization.

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