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Medical volunteers

Medical volunteers are the backbone of Orbis programmes. Ophthalmic specialists from all over the world give their time and energy to help are known as volunteer faculty, include ophthalmologists, orthoptists, biomedical engineers, anesthetists and ophthalmic nurses.

Helping out locally

There are literally dozens of ways you can help around our office. And remember, every hour you donate brings us one step closer to our dream of a world free of preventable blindness.

Clerical Work

Our dedicated clerical volunteers help reduce our overhead by helping out with paperwork, filing and data entry. If you have experience in any of these areas, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Street Fundraising

Our annual raffle and mid-autumn charity sales require large teams of friendly, outgoing volunteers to help out during weekends and holidays. Please give us a call if you can help!

Technical support

Orbis regularly runs promotional campaigns requiring technical skills such as translation, photography, website design and filming . If you have experience in any of these specialty areas, your support will be greatly appreciated.


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