Orbis Blindfold Lunch Campaign

Ever wondered how terrifying it must be to live in endless blackness? Experiencing the daily difficulties and dangers facing blind people for yourself is far more impactful than any written description we can give. To date, over 60,000 students have covered their and joined our Blindfold Lunch Campaign since 2012. Join us now!

Sign up for 2019 Orbis Blindfold Lunch!

2019 will see Orbis organize the eighth annual Blindfold Lunch campaign. In giving local schoolkids a tiny taste of the struggles blind people must deal with every day, our ultimate aim is to make local youngsters more eyecare aware! To help you entice still more pupils to do their bit in the battle against preventable blindness, we will provide your school with a set of Tama-chan eyecare leaflet and schedule an eyecare talk. We’ll also give away an attractive themed eye mask to every child donating over HK$35.

We would also like to sincerely encourage your students to share their lunch reflection by joining the newly launched Writing Contest. Orbis will select some outstanding pieces and award them with fabulous prizes during the year-end exhibition.

Please sign up one month before your school hosting the lunch. We’ll then provide you with the following support materials:

- Activity posters and Eyecare Leaflets

- Electronic template of letter to parents

- Tailor eye care educational talk

- Assist with donation collection

- Send out donation receipts

In addition to a “Thank You” Certificate, your school could also earn one of the following recognitions:

- Top three fundraising schools

- Top three schools with the highest number of enrolled students

* Orbis will count the total donation amount by May 31, 2019

Ready to join this year’s campaign? Then please complete and email your enrollment form to [email protected] or fax to 2877 1297. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to call Ms. Cheng on 2508 7026. 253,000,000 visually-impaired people worldwide thank your school and its pupils in advance for their kindness.

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Snapshots from past years Blindfold Lunch campaign

Over 60,000 primary students have joined Orbis Blindfold Lunch since 2012 and have helped to raise $4.4 million. Happily, everyone who took part vowed to take better care of their eyes when their blindfolds were removed and their sight restored.

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