Blindfold Event

Have you ever imagined the lives of the blind?Your organization may consider organizing a Blindfold Lunch or Dinner for your staff or guests to experience eating in the dark, using only sound, touch and scent to guide you!

It is our pleasure to organize a Blindfold Event for your company, providing eye masks, hosting blindfold games and Orbis Talk to spread our mission of eliminating avoidable blindness. There is minimum donation amount for organizing Orbis Blindfold Dinner at your request; a Thank You Certificate will be presented for your support.

Blindfold lunch or dinner is a good option of staff engagement activity and it can be held at your organization easily.

Being blindfolded to eat a 3-course dinner is definitely a challenge, as well as a good experience for your staff to explore blindness problem.

Experience darkness with your staff to explore blindness problem

Program Details

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Phone number: 2508-7037