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There are so many ways that you can make an impact with your donation. Simply download the donation form of your wish-to-support program, get change personal details or monthly donation amount with a few clicks. You can see the happiness for the gift of sight from our latest donor activities and trip experiences down here.

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Donor Activities and Sight-Saving Trips


活動日期: 2018 年8月5至9日



Activity Date:14 - 20 November, 2018

Orbis will once again organize a team of enthusiastic runners to compete Africa’s annual biggest road race - the Great Ethiopian Run. Taking place between November 22 to 28, the seven-day adventure will offer our team members a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for the visually impaired in Ethiopia. While in Ethiopia, everyone will also have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness our frontline sight-saving work first hand and also get a unique taste of Ethiopian culture.

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Kids Sight Friends See-N-Feel Tour to Shanxi

“A great leap forward – and footsteps to follow”. On April 2017, Orbis Ambassador Francis Ng and his son Feynman visited some of the most remote and backward hospitals in the countryside of Bangladesh. During summer, five pairs of parent-child monthly donors joined other four individual donors to visit Shanxi, China to cheer up our little patients there. On the five-day trip, we met Orbis’s beneficiaries in remote villages, visited Orbis’s partner hospitals, watched surgeries in real time and promoted the importance of eye health at local nursery schools.

The dream that every parent shares – a bright future for our next generation. This harsh journey made everyone understand the importance of Orbis’s comprehensive pediatric eye care network in Shanxi. All the Hong Kong and Macau were touched when hearing the heart-wrenching stories of how our donors helped families rediscovered happiness. While the youngsters were so shocked to see the impoverished living environment, and realized they should cherish life.

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