No time to lose. Vision matters.

Childhood is to be cherished because it passes by so quickly. The same is true for saving the sight of our world’s 90 million visually impaired youngsters. Most of these kids are easily curable, but only if we and our donors win a desperate race against time.

2022 marks the 40th anniversary since Orbis first began harnessing innovation in the fight against preventable blindness. Long-term Orbis donor, Rosa, and Orbis volunteer ophthalmologist, Dr. Shih, are amongst the many who share our passion. Marla, a little congenital cataract sufferer from Mongolia, is one of our beneficiaries whose future is free from the prison of endless darkness.

Sometimes a simple surgery lasting just a few minutes is all that’s needed to transform a needlessly blind child’s life. Let's turn back time before it's too late and fill young lives everywhere with hope and light.

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Let's fill young lives everywhere with hope and light.

Dr. Kendrick C. Shih

Orbis Volunteer Ophthalmologist

A surgery tak­ing just 15 to 20 min­utes is enough to trans­form a need­less­ly blind life.”

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Nothing Can Stop Us From Battling Blindness

The relentless spread of eye diseases never slows down during COVID-19. Determined to stop the tragedy in its tracks, Orbis has spent the last 40 years doing its utmost to overcome the many obstacles that are preventing people from enjoying a sighted future.

In the past two years since the start of the pandemic, our sight-savers have become ever more flexible and innovative in how they battle blindness. Our Flying Eye Hospital programs, for example, has pivoted to a virtual model. We are also continuously pioneering ingenious new ways to get emergency eye care services to the remote corners where they are most urgently needed. In Peru, despite stringent citywide lockdowns, our volunteer doctors are continuing to screen newborn babies for retinopathy of prematurity. Thousands of miles away in Ethiopia where trachoma is running rampant, we are now working hard to eradicate this infectious blinding disease by distributing antibiotics from door to door.

Help Us Brighten Children’s Future Paths Before It’s Too Late

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Childhood is full of challenges and never more so than for youngsters who are at risk of permanently losing their sight. The golden treatment period for most pediatric eye diseases lasts from birth to 8 years old. Your support is needed to help these kids get the surgery that will give them a shot at a healthy, fully sighted future!


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