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Regardless of children, adult, or elderly, if one is born in places where medical resources are inadequate and is diagnosed with eye diseases related to blindness, his fate seems to be irreversible. Luckily, with your generous support of any amount, Orbis and volunteer medical professionals can acquire sufficient resources to educate communities about eye health, and provide people in need with appropriate and timely services. As a result, they can escape from avoidable eye diseases and blindness.

As an international charitable organization rooted in Hong Kong, Orbis has made use of every dollar to help people suffering from eye diseases globally for more than thirty years. Do not underestimate any kind of minimal support. You could help those patients suffering from eye diseases and encourage our eye care professional to do better, and thereby spreading eye treatment knowledge and skills as well as basic eyecare knowledge to every corner round the globe. This can significantly reduce the number of avoidable blindness cases.

  • Support HKD$300 = Subsidize 1 patient’s cataract surgery
  • Support HKD$600 = Subsidize 1 child’s strabismus surgery
  • Support HKD$1000 = Subsidize 1000 remote area residents’ eyesight check
  • Support HKD$3000 = Subsidize the distribution of antibiotics to 500 people to prevent blinding trachoma

Avoidable blindness around the world

Eye diseases are prevalent around the world with a figure of up to 1.1 billion people suffering from different extent of eye diseases. In many developing countries, many patients lack appropriate treatment and become blind. In fact, with only a simple surgery or a pair of glasses, one-seventh of the patients can prevent blindness.

Eye diseases that may lead to blindness can affect education and job opportunities, thereby disrupting the economic income of a family. Your generous support not only assists patients with eye diseases and blindness to regain vision, but also tackles poverty in a cost-effective manner. Every HKD$1 can generate HKD$4 of economic return, hence helping the poor to become self-reliant. Now, we call for your support to our organization.

Supporting Orbis through various methods

Every cent from you can instil hope of vision into patients with eye diseases. You are welcome to choose monthly or one-off giving plans. Your kind help can enable our medical team to acquire stable resources to develop long-term blindness prevention plans.

You can give via online or offline. Apart from giving online using your credit card, an array of online methods is also provided, including PayMe, WeChat, AliPayHK, Octopus app and other digital wallet methods. This makes the giving process more convenient and efficient.

Meanwhile, we have prepared a tutorial video to introduce the giving process on Orbis (Hong Kong) website. You are welcomed to watch it and understand more.

Post-donation tax deduction matters

You could also claim tax deduction while helping patients with eye diseases. For the amount given to Hong Kong approved charitable organizations via online, digital wallet or other offline methods, and have accumulated an amount of HK$100 or above annually, you can apply for tax deduction. Orbis is a Hong Kong approved charitable organization. And the annual receipt of monthly donors will be issued in April every year with a view to facilitating donors to apply for deduction in tax declaration season.

If you support us through other recognized methods, such as digital wallet, you can send an email to us stating your transaction number, amount, date and recipient name on receipt, so we can issue an official receipt for you to apply for deduction.

Through reaching out to people in need, you can also enjoy benefits for the sake of yourself. One of them is to make good use of your generosity to apply for tax deduction. In this way, you can benefit from supporting others.

(If you need a reissue of receipt from Orbis, please call us at (852) 2595 0263 or send an email to [email protected].)

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