While your childhood was probably rich with memories from all five senses, youngsters robbed of sight by accidents or congenital problems are missing out on so much! For this reason, we’ve made it our mission to encourage the world’s top medical professionals to join us in providing quality eye checks, treatments, surgery and post-operative care.

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The beauty of Orbis is that its specialist international teams happily share cutting edge surgical knowledge with their counterparts in poorer regions.

Dr. Andrew Choyce, Orbis Staff Anesthesiologist

Fighting blindness means team work!

It takes more than just skilled ophthalmologists to restore visually impaired kids’ sight! Take our recent Vietnam sight-restoring program in March. In addition to dedicated volunteer doctors and nurses, its members included a British Orbis staff anesthesiologist called Dr. Andrew Choyce.

As children must be fully anesthetized before undergoing eye surgery, the role the anesthesiologist plays in comforting and calming nervous youngsters is often overlooked. At each operation’s end, he/she will also be there the second a tiny patient wakes up. With over 20 years’ specialist experience, Dr. Choyce believes, “ensuring the safety of every child receiving general anesthesia is my biggest responsibility.”

Hong Kong optometrist, Ms. Mandy Yim and Orbis Sight Saving Star, Mr. Jason Chan joined Dr. Choyce in Vietnam. “Orbis’s sight-restoring mission requires a huge collective effort if more kids are to lead more blessed and joyful lives,” said Mandy and Jason.

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A monthly donation of HK$50 = Treat 1 child’s strabismus each year

A monthly donation of HK$100 = Provide glasses for 15 youngsters each year

A monthly donation of HK$150 = Give 6 children cataract surgery each year

A monthly donation of HK$250 = Save 500 toddlers from trachoma each year

No one’s sight-restoring efforts matter more than yours!