Orbis Phantom Moonwalkers 2020 has successfully come to an end. We are very grateful to the tireless support of over 2,000 participants who spent more than 30,000 hours to run over distances of 140,000 kilometers. Your remarkable efforts help us to raise funds for our flying eye hospital and also the visually impaired people all around the world.

Orbis Phantom Moonwalkers 2020 Awards Announcement

Ms Mary Lau (left), Executive Director of Orbis Hong Kong, presented the Grand Prize Asia Miles Award to Ms Josie Tang (right), whom achieved a total of 1060km in 11814 minutes

Awards Announcement:

Orbis Phantom Moonwalkers 2020 Event Highlight

Orbis Moonwalkers Event Details

Participants will only have to wear your smart devices, download the running APP, and choose your own races to quench your thirst for adventure by running or walking.

Application Date: 16 November - 13 December 2020

Event period: 30 November - 30 December 2020

Five routes to select: Taking reference from the flight distances from the five countries the Flying Eye Hospital currently serves - Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Ethiopia and Peru – and Hong Kong, five different routes with varied lengths are set accordingly.

Route Distance: 11km, 27km, 36km, 81km, 125km

*Vietnam route, Mongolia route and Ethiopia route are sponsored by SOGO, Jebsen Group, Johnson & Johnson respectively. They will donate HK$10 to Orbis for every km the participants ran.

Virtual Moonwalkers Participants Journey

Participants can register for the virtual event here during 16 November - 13 December 2020. Choose a virtual route, complete the required distance and track your activity using designated tracking apps anytime and anywhere during 30 November - 30 December 2020. Upload the results and you will receive a finisher medal upon successful completion of the virtual route. Top performers will also have the chance to win Asia Miles!

How to Upload Mileage Record?

Participants have to use the below GPS-enabled mobile devices/apps to record the mileage gained. The mileage record uploaded must clearly show the date, distance, duration and route. The Organizer regrets that records from running machines/ treadmills will not be accepted.

Participants have to record a minimum of 1 kilometer per each time of upload. However, there is no maximum limit on the number of uploads throughout the event period.

Route, Distance and Enrollment Fees

Participants can choose the Category and Virtual Route according to your interest and strength. Regardless of the category enrolled, the participant who run/walk/hike the longest distance within the event period 30 November – 30 December 2020 will be awarded with 60,000 Asia Miles, which is equivalent to a round trip ticket in economy class from Hong Kong to London!

Contact us for more details

Phone number: Tel : 2595 0263; Fax:2858 8888

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