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Saluting our sight-saving heroes of the past

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What is Moonwalkers?

Held every year since 2006, Moonwalkers is Orbis Hong Kong’s annual 20Km night walkathon event. Over the course of its 12 year history, this one-of-a-kind event has attracted some 96,000 participants. By walking from midnight to dawn, our donors and supporters are given a unique perspective on the importance of our global sight-saving mission. Moonwalkers 2018 will start at Shatin Sports Ground and end in Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk.

All monies raised at this year’s event will be used to bring hope to the blind and visually impaired by funding sight-saving projects across the developing world.

How does this year’s nostalgic theme fit in with Moonwalkers’ overall aims?

Hongkongers have been generous supporters of Orbis throughout its 30-plus year history. First launched in 1980s, our Flying Eye Hospital and its volunteer crew have pioneered quite a few historical firsts of their own along the way. So this year we are inviting valued supporters like yourself to join us in travelling back in time and conjuring up happy and precious memories of our shared pasts!

Does Moonwalkers place limitations on participants in terms of age or physical condition?

Since Moonwalkers is an overnight event, we recommend walkers are 16 or over and in good physical condition.

Why is there a limit on the number of participants?

Issues such as start/end venue capacities, road conditions, flow control methodologies and local laws, etc, mean we must keep the number of participants below a certain level to ensure everyone’s safety.

How many categories will there be at Moonwalkers 2018?

This year, four categories are open for application: Individual, Team, Corporate and Super Moonwalkers. For details, please refer to “Categories”

Will all walkers set off at the same time?

No. Super Moonwalkers entrants will be the first to leave Shatin Sports Ground at around 9:00p.m., with all other batches of walkers having set off by roughly 11:00p.m.

Is there any set time limit for completing Moonwalkers 2018?

No. Those walking at a normal pace should finish this year’s course in roughly six hours. The only exception is Super Moonwalkers participants who are expected to complete the course within three hours.