Bangladesh Mission Trip 2019

It’s often said that the best way to understand someone is to try and walk a mile in their shoes. Aiming at consolidating the concept of Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Goals, 11 Orbis Student Ambassadors went on a mission trip to Bangladesh last summer. They have witnessed Orbis sight-restoring work in the globe in the 6 days.

Bangladesh Mission Trip 2019


1. Visit Orbis’s partner hospital and medical network

Student Ambassadors visited the local hospitals — Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital and Moulvibazar BNSB Eye Hospital. They observed the hospital's equipment screening procedures with the comprehensive guide of Orbis Volunteer Faculty. They also have a chance to enter the operating room and observe the children cataract surgery.

2. Patient home visits

Student Ambassadors have visited three patients during the journey. Three of them have been recovered from Cataract. They are grateful to have their visual became much clearer a week after the surgery. Student Ambassadors had prepared and carried several games and activities out with the patients.

3. School screening

In order to reach families in rural areas, Orbis will hold eye screenings at local school and provide drugs and referrals. More than 400 students participated in the screening during the student ambassador's visit.

4. Blindfold activities

Student Ambassadors had had a blindfold lunch to experience the daily life of the visually impaired.