Zambian cataract patient Gladys






Zambian patient Gladys has a cataract caused by trauma to the eye

Their first reaction was to take Gladys to church to be prayed for but there was no change. They waited four long months before they took their daughter to a clinic in the township. The clinic immediately referred the young girl to Kitwe Central Hospital, the one facility with the skills and expertise to manage paediatric eye conditions.

At the Kitwe Eye Annexe Gladys was diagnosed with traumatic cataract and was booked for cataract surgery. The surgery was a success and whereas Gladys’s visual acuity pre-surgery was recorded as Hand Movement (HM) in the right eye and the left eye 6/6, post-surgery the vision in her right eye was 6/12 and 6/6 with spectacles.

Her parents are so grateful for their daughter’s recovery and vowed to inform others in the about the successful cataract surgery that Gladys had.

Zambian cataract patient Gladys


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