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By working with partners across the health service to establish and strengthen existing care we help provide long-term, sustainable eye care to communities around the world. From rural areas to bustling cities, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge to help restore vision for generations to come.

Our long term country programs involve a wide range of activities that all work together to provide a comprehensive approach to eye care. We work with local hospitals and our teams of expert volunteers to train doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers; establishing successful eye care units to treat a wide range of conditions.

See how our country programs help strengthen eye care across all levels of the health system

Our online telemedicine platform Cybersight enables local eye teams from around the world to receive follow-up training, to access an online library of medical materials and to stay up-to-date with developments within the eye health sector

Since 1998, Orbis has administered over 94.2 million doses of donated Azithromycin to the community residing in the SNNPR, achieving the elimination threshold for trachoma in 38 districts across the region, as of 2021. Orbis has also conducted more than 190,400 trachomatous trichiasis surgeries and has established more than 320 primary eye care units staffed with a total of 336 Integrated Eye Care Workers.

We work at grassroots level to raise awareness of good healthcare and hygiene and to improve referral networks so those in need can receive the treatment they deserve. We conduct school screenings and provide pupils with glasses to help them get the most out of their education. We establish school eye care clubs, with members taking on the responsibility of educating their peers and community on ways to keep their eyes healthy.

Working alongside partners and local governments we assess the needs of each region to offer a tailored plan to help build capacity and strengthen existing health care. With your help we train, we teach, we buy new equipment, we improve hospitals, establish referral networks and fight the root causes of avoidable blindness where we find them.

Ayat's story: sight-saving eye care in the Rohingya refugee camps

December 04, 2021

At just 11 years old, Ayat’s life had already been filled with more challenges and hardships than many people experience in a lifetime.

His father abandoned his family when he was very little, and to make life even more difficult, his vision started to get blurry when he was just four years old – and continued getting progressively worse.
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That’s an amazing result in our opinion!

Our comprehensive approach looks at the whole health care system to ensure we build a robust eye care legacy that will one day help eliminate avoidable blindness for good.

But we need your support to help make this happen.


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