Visual problems of Hongkongers

Do you like watching dramas or playing video games? Do you stay up late? City dwellers often spend prolonged time on their smartphones, which secretly jeapordizes their eye health. Given that most people do not conduct regular eye examinations, it is often too late for prevention by the time they have been diagnosed with eye diseases!

Orbis Hong Kong hereby lists some warning signs of eye diseases and tips for keeping your eyes healthy, to prevent the decline of your sight.

To raise awareness about eye care and potential eye diseases amongst the Hong Kongers, Orbis partnered with The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society to conduct a study regarding “Warning Signs of Eye Diseases amongst Hong Kong people” through an online survey, which received 6,253 valid responses this September. The survey results show that...

Many people mistakenly believe that eye health equates to seeing clearly, but eye diseases often come without any early signs, and deprive us of our ability to see. Orbis urges the general public to conduct eye checks regularly, and people aged 50 or above to conduct annual eye checks.

Risk Factors for Eye Diseases

Live Broadcast of Regular Eye Examinations

Unlike eye tests before prescriptions and eyeglasses, comprehensive eye exams consist of checks by optometrists and ophthamolgists with technologicaly-advacned equipment. The whole exam only lasts 30 minutes, and you can identify symptoms of potentially serious eye diseases afterwards.

Do You Experience the Following Symptoms?

Warning Signs That Trouble Hong Kongers

Warning signs may indicate potential eye diseases. If you experience frequent warning signs, get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist.

Check your risk for eye disease now!

Using the wrong methods to protect your eyes, such as rubbing or massaging them, may do more harm than good!

Constantly rubbing your eyes may cause eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, chalazion, keratoconus, and even retinal diseases. Furthermore, excessively straining our retina may cause it to tear or break, leading to retinal detachment.

Caring for Hong Kong Eye Health

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