Community and Voluntary Services

Let's take on the sight-saving mission of Orbis! Through voluntary services, your network, skills and resources can help expand Orbis' community eye care work and spread the global blindness messages! It will all contribute to the eye health of Hong Kong people!

Community care activities

Choose the time that best fits your schedule and participate in one of our many volunteer experiences! Take your pick of helping out with co-organizing eyecare talk, blindfold experience or interactive game,!

Passionate about community-focused eye care? We’re sure to have a slot for you!

If you’ve got time to spare, participating in one of our many volunteer experiences will add a sense of accomplishment to your positive energy! Take your pick of helping out with office clerical work, using your creativity to influence others on the internet, or reaching out to the community, etc!

Choose your own ways

Volunteer as an individual

Volunteer as a group!

Why not multiply your effectiveness across a variety of fund- and awareness-raising activities and events by banding together with your colleagues and forming a voluntary team from your company or organization!

Let's all share the sight-saving load together!

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