Community Eye Care Workshops and Talks

Eager to host an eye care workshop or blindfold experience where your members/clients can develop empathy and teamwork by discovering the daily problems facing the blind? Take the first step to learning more about eye health issues such as myopia, dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, etc, by contacting us today!

Free Community Events

We will also be delighted to provide tutors, games, props and organise eye care workshops, lectures, blindfolded and tactile games for your members/clients. If you’re planning a large-scale event such as a carnival, we’ll even bring along informative and entertaining exhibition boards, VR interactive games, etc.

Co-Host Blindfolded Experience Workshop and Eye Care Lecture With Orbis

Why does myopia effect some children but not others? Can seniors afford to ignore glaucoma and cataracts? Our Community Group will build your participants’ awareness of eye diseases by selecting content that matches their age and preferences. Our popular blindfold experience and eye protection games will also help attendees to cultivate empathy and become more understanding of others.

Eye Care Workshop and Lecture Highlights

Learn how Orbis and its supporters:/volunteers:

  • Plan community activities to encourage Hongkongers to take better care of their eyes and have annual eye checks
  • Visit local communities to promote daily eye care knowledge and eliminate bad eyesight habits
  • Work closely with voluntary ophthalmology groups in order to explain the main causes of serious eye diseases and arrange visual screenings for the needy
  • Promote Blindfolded Experience Workshops so as to cultivate compassion for the needlessly blind and other disadvantaged groups
  • Use popular social media platforms to advocate the importance of global blindness prevention and sight saving

Overview and Report of Community Events

Achievements in the Past 3 Years

In 2021, Orbis joined forces with the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Ophthalmology and conducted comprehensive eye examinations for over 40 seniors at the Volunteer Development Bureau’s West Park Senior Center.

Contact Orbis Community Team To Connect

Phone number: 2508 7025

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