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Vision Matters: Glaucoma Ai-Rota Screening Project for the Over 50s a Pioneering Joint Initiative Between Orbis and Hku’s Department of Ophthalmology

Orbis and HKU’s Department of Ophthalmology are currently collaborating on a joint initiative called Vision Matters: Glaucoma AI-ROTA Screening Project for the over 50s. Running from June 2023 to May 2024, Phase 1 of the project will see invites sent out to some 3,000 randomly selected residents aged 50 or over from public housing estates in the Southern, Kwun Tong, and Tai Po districts of Hong Kong undergo glaucoma screening at (1) HKU Eye Centre, (2) 8/F, Block J, United Christian Hospital, and (3) Tai Po District Health Centre Express. A maximum of two eligible residents per household can book appointments online. The project's unique feature is its use of a patented technology called ROTA (‘Retinal nerve fiber layer Optical Texture Analysis’) that detects glaucoma in its early stages. Referral services will be provided for patients needing follow-up treatment in public or private eye clinics. Running from mid-2024 onwards, Phase II will then roll out tests for the over 50s in other districts.

Glaucoma Ai-Rota Screening Project for the Over 50s

Project Includes:

What Is Rota?

A patented technology developed by a HKU research team, ROTA enables direct high-resolution visualization of retinal nerve fibers using standard optical coherence tomography (‘OCT’) scans. ¹,² This significantly improves the accuracy of early detection of glaucoma-related damage to optic nerves in and around the macula. ROTA offers increases of fully 30% in early diagnostic sensitivity over existing OCT retinal nerve fiber layer thickness analyses. The promising results have already been published in two leading academic journals – Nature Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology. A major advance in identifying previously undiagnosed glaucoma, ROTA will give ophthalmologists a much better understanding of the disease’s key risk factors and prevalence.

Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness. Effortlessly linking ophthalmological teams globally, the technologies used in Orbis and HKU’s pioneering Vision Matters: Glaucoma AI-ROTA Screening Project for the over 50s project will measurably strengthen blindness prevention efforts here in Hong Kong. The impressive end result will be a new primary care benchmark for the prevention of visual impairment and glaucoma-related blindness.

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[1] Leung, C.K.S., Lam, A.K.N., Weinreb, R.N. et al. Diagnostic assessment of glaucoma and non-glaucomatous optic neuropathies via optical texture analysis of the retinal nerve fibre layer. Nat. Biomed. Eng 6, 593–604 (2022).

[2] Leung CKS, Guo PY, Lam AKN. Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Optical Texture Analysis: Involvement of the Papillomacular Bundle and Papillofoveal Bundle in Early Glaucoma. Ophthalmology. 2022 Sep;129(9):1043-1055. doi: 10.1016/j.ophtha.2022.04.012. Epub 2022 Apr 22. PMID: 35469924.

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