Eye floaters:what are the causes and what can you do?

Most people see floaters some time during their lives. Many individuals notice some floaters even in their teens and 20s, and people who are nearsighted are particularly likely to have floaters at a younger age. During COVID-19, high frequent use of laptops and tablets may lead to high myopia and early eye floaters.

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What Are Eye Floaters?

There is a transparent jelly-like substance called vitreous body inside the eyeball. With age, the vitreous body shrinks, liquefies and forms condensations. The condensations will cast shadows onto the retina under light. These shadows will form different shapes such as black spots, floating in front of us. However, they are not necessarily being like mosquitoes. They may be in the shape of strips, lines, dots or irregularities. All of these situations are collectively referred to “floaters.”

Is the Problem Benign or Malignant?

Who Are the People at Higher Risk of Eye Floaters?

What Are the Symptoms and Treatment of Eye Floaters?

  • You see black dots or shadows floating around in your field of vision. It will fade or disappear on their own. If they don't fade, sometimes your brain will learn to ignore them. As a result, your vision will begin to adapt. You'll no longer notice them as much.
  • If there is a sudden increase in the number of floaters or they come with flashes, there may be underlying retinal break or retinal detachment. You should seek immediate medical advice. If left untreated, the retinal break or retinal detachment may progress and result in complete blindness.
  • If your floaters really annoy you, your eye doctor will give you some eye drops to dilate your pupil for eye examination. Your eye will be checked for floaters and other diseases such as retinal break, retinal detachment, bleeding etc. Prevention is better than cure. Regular check up by eye doctor is one of the most efficient ways to prevent development of eye diseases.

Dietary Suggestion From the Perspective of Chinese Medicine (in Chinese Only)

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Source: Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society Public Education Information, Orbis Volunteer Ophthalmologist, OpenRice
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