The Orbis Future Vision Leaders is an exciting initiative designed specifically for Hong Kong and oversea university students who are passionate about NGO industry and supporting our fight to eliminate avoidable blindness globally. Join us by forming a team of 2-8. Unleash your creativity to launch an awareness-building and fundraising campaign.

Benefits to Be Orbis Future Vision Leaders

Membership with the Orbis Future Vision Leaders offers a number of unique and interactive opportunities:

  • Special events
    Through our special one-of-a-kind Orbis Speaker Series, networking events and opportunities to interact medical professionals in the field, you'll gain important skills and insights that can help enhance your current education and future career opportunities. Sharing includes but not limited to discussion with medical professionals, project introduction in developing countries.
  • Taking initiative
    You’ll have an opportunity to take on a leadership role at your university and create an Orbis Future Vision Leaders Chapter. Grow the community by recruiting other students with similar interests and expand the national membership. Participate in different awareness building and fundraising events, university, and community wide, and help build awareness about the importance of access to quality eye health for all.
  • Saving Sight
    All these elements work together to help Orbis save sight around the world and ensure everyone is able to access quality eye health, whoever they are and wherever they live.

Orbis Future Vision Leader aims to inspire students to embrace challenge and gain practical experience from social service.

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By registering to your university, you'll gain access to the specific events and initiatives happening there and the community, as well as everything happening within the larger Orbis Future Vision Leaders group.

To learn more about the Orbis Future Vision Leaders, or to find out if your university already has an affiliated Orbis Future Vision Leaders' chapter, please contact Orbis School Team

Welcome all college students to join us.

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Meet Dominque, Our President of Orbis Future Vision Leaders


Phone number: 25087026

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