Fundraising Activities

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Throughout the year, Orbis organizes and hosts an array of fundraising activities all around the world to promote our cause, raise awareness, and bring people together to fight against avoidable blindness. Stay tuned for the next event near you, and join us to show your support!

Online Charity Fundraising in Hong Kong

You can personalize your fundraising Hong Kong site with your own promotional photos and details about your fundraising for charity efforts. You can also manage your outreach activities via our user-friendly e-mail and donation tracking reports. The whole process will greatly reduce administrative costs and headaches, reduce the problem of unfulfilled pledges and increase the effectiveness of the efforts of your fundraising activities.

Ready to begin your fundraising activities in Hong Kong?

Click here if you're mounting a fundraising for charity effort on behalf of your company, club, school or religious group.

Click here if you're asking friends to pledge funds in lieu of gifts for a personal or family celebration, such as your birthday, wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child.

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