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Together with us, you can donate to charity and change lives with your gift of sight. Simply donate online, or donate money via mobile wallets, mail, phone or credit card. You can also set up a monthly donation plan, or make a single charitable donation as you wish.

Orbis is an international eye care non-profit organization that transforms lives around the world by preventing and treating avoidable blindness. All funds you make as donations in Hong Kong to us will help strengthen our international sight-restoration efforts. Also, if you donate money, it will enable us to continue expanding much-needed professional medical training and eye care education programs to better help those in need.

In fact, 75% of all visual impairment could be effectively treated or prevented. With 2.2 billion people visually impaired or blind around the world, that's around 1 billion people who should be able to see if they can receive proper glasses or surgery - the privilege of eye care services that many simply take for granted. With your kind support in charitable donations, the Orbis volunteer medical team can further help build up the resources and specific skills needed to deliver quality eye care service in hard-pressed regions around the globe, and help ensure no one loses their sight just because of where they are living, or where they were born.

Are issues related to blindness and eye diseases close to your heart?
Join hands and donate money to Orbis

As a renowned international eye-care non-profit organization, Orbis offers support and assistance to people dealing with preventable blindness. From raising awareness through education programs to raising funds to donate to charity, we take every necessary step to help people in whatever way we can.

Donations in HK - How Does Orbis Work?

Despite the availability of good treatments and advancements in eye care technology, access to eye care remains a challenge for many people in Hong Kong and abroad. A large number of individuals cannot afford proper treatment, and many of them aren't even aware of vision impairment issues.

At Orbis, we are committed to raising awareness about preventable blindness in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. From radio broadcasts to film screenings, we use a variety of approaches to reach numerous people and educate them about preventable blindness.

We also make charitable donations to many local charities that are offering financial and other kinds of assistance to eye patients. We collect funds through various activities and make donations in Hong Kong to eradicate preventable blindness one donation at a time.

Choose Your Method of Donation

Donate to charity in a fast, simple, one-off fashion can already make a significant difference in bringing hope of sight to the blind. You can also make a positive difference in the lives of people who continue to battle with vision impairment. By making a charitable donation in Hong Kong, you can support non-government organizations that are doing excellent work in the fight against preventable blindness. Your support and donation in HK can make a significant impact and strengthen our mission.

If you wish to make a donation in Hong Kong, you can easily do it through our official website. Making a charitable donation through our website is one of the easiest and quickest ways to support local NGOs and people in need.

With the advent of technology, digital wallets including Alipay HK, PayMe, WeChat and Octopus App have all made donating money much easier, faster and more secure than before. Of course, any donation in HK via offline channels or at convenience stores are also most welcomed, and these tax deductible donations in Hong Kong will go a long way in helping us fulfill our mission here at Orbis.

Donor's Corner

According to current tax regulations, accumulated charitable donations amounting to HK$100 or above annually can be counted as tax deductible donations in Hong Kong. Our team at Orbis will issue annual receipts for all monthly tax deductible donations during the month of April for each year to our monthly supporters (please do specify the name on receipt if it is different from the donor).

Our team at Orbis will issue annual receipts for all monthly tax deductible donations during the month of April for each year to our monthly supporters who donate money (please do specify the name on receipt if it is different from the donor).

You can choose from four currencies for your donation in Hong Kong to Orbis:

Renminbi (RMB)

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Macanese Patacca (MOP)

Taiwan Dollar (TWD)


1. Orbis Friends: Donors can choose from the following donation amounts for their Orbis Friends program - HK$50, HK$120, or HK$250.

2. Kid Sight Friends: For the Kid Sight Friends program, donors have the following options - HK$50, which will go into subsidizing strabismus surgeries (1 child per year), HK$120, which will go into subsidizing cataract surgeries (5 children per year), or HK$500, which will fund a trachoma surgery.

3. Partners In Sight: You can make a monthly charitable donation of $500 to join Orbis' Partners In Sight program. The tax deductible donation will go a long way towards supporting Orbis' Flying Eye Hospital for improved training of amateur eye care professionals and subsidized surgeries for those who need them the most.


  • Donate money and enjoy an eye examination at a PolyVision Eyecare Centre of your choice for a discounted price of HK$400

  • Annual Orbis souvenirs and charitable donation certificates

  • Donate to charity and receive exclusive invitations to sight-saving field trips, tours of the Flying Eye Hospital, eye care talks, and various other activities of Orbis

  • Regular communication to inform members regarding the latest updates and sight-saving programs launched by Orbis

  • Personalized membership card featuring unique donor number



About Donations to Hk Orbis – Faqs:

1. Is my donation in HK tax-deductible?

Yes, if you donate money to Orbis it is tax-deductible. Once you make your donation in Hong Kong, you will receive a receipt of the same that you can use for tax purposes.

2. How does Orbis use my donation in Hong Kong?

At Orbis, we use your donation in our programs and initiatives aimed at providing support to preventable blindness patients. This includes funding treatments, creating awareness and educational programs, and more.

3. Can I choose how my donation is used by Orbis?

Yes, you can specify how you would like your donation to be used. For example, while you donate money through our Donation Page, you can choose to support a specific program or initiative. Currently, we have three donation HK programs - Sight-Saving Worldwide, Flying Eye Hospitals Program, and the Childhood Blindness program. Our team will ensure that your donation in Hong Kong is used for the initiative you requested.

4. Is it possible to make a recurring donation in HK to Orbis?

Absolutely! We enable donors to donate money to us every month. Through this option, you can make a regular contribution and donate to charity. This provides us with a stable source of funding through which we can reach more people in need and sustain our programs over time.

5. What can I do if I have more questions about making a charitable donation to Orbis?

If you have any concerns about making a charitable donation to Orbis or want to know more about donations in HK, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

6. Can I contribute to Orbis apart from a donation in HK?

Yes, it's not just your tax deductible donations in Hong Kong that can help us in our efforts to improve global eye care services, but also your skills. If you're interested in playing a part in our activities around the world, reach out to us, and if you fit the bill, we'll welcome you to the team. Your role will also be assigned to you depending on what you want to do. For instance, enrolment forms for individual volunteers, group/corporate volunteers, and eyecare event co-organizers are different. You may also be assigned tasks as an outdoor volunteer, a photographer, or an office staff based on your strengths.

7. In which countries is Orbis active?

Orbis is active across various continents. Asian countries where Orbis is heavily-involved in voluntary work include the likes of China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. Orbis' presence has also been felt in Africa, where it has worked in several countries like Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Zambia. In Latin America, Orbis has contributed to the development of eye care services in the countries of Guyana and Peru. All in all, please support us through donations to HK Orbis, where we are presently involved in over 70 projects spanning 19 countries. So, if you're looking to donate to charity or contribute as a volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities through Orbis.

8. Is Orbis involved in fundraising activities where people donate money?

Yes, Orbis participates in multiple activities that encourage charitable donations every year with the aim of putting up a collective fight against avoidable eye diseases and blindness. For instance, in 2020, Orbis organized the Kids Sight Carnival 2020, which was held across two venues - Plaza Hollywood and D-PARK. Both events were huge successes and featured charity sales, stage performances, hand paintings, photo ops, DIY workshops, and game booths. Another annual charitable donation event, Moonwalkers, requires participants to walk blindfold. The experience often changes participants' perspectives on blindness, as it provides insights into the difficult lives of the blind. Walk For Sight is yet another annual event that sees participants walking in natural surroundings. It promotes the importance of exposing the eyes to nature's beauty and also discourages excessive use of mobile devices.

9. I want people to donate money to my initiative in Hong Kong. Can Orbis help?

Yes, through Orbis you can help donate to charity initiatives or events to be a success. Orbis, apart from providing personalization features for Hong Kong fundraising sites, also offers tracking reports for donations in HK along with a user-friendly email for outreach activities. Some of the benefits of these services and features include reduced administration costs, less stress, increased effectiveness of all activities, and more fulfilled charitable donation pledges. There are two options that Orbis provides for users who are organizing an event - one for charity efforts of schools, religious groups, clubs, and/or companies, and another for pledging funds on the occasion of a celebration such as wedding, birthday, or birthday.

10. Before I donate money, I want to know which companies serve as Orbis’ Global Partners?

Orbis' list of global partners is quite long and features some highly-reputed names. FedEx, Alcon Foundation, Jebsen, Fondation L'Occitane, Pfizer, and Omega are some of the names associated with Orbis on the global stage.

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