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The prevalence of electronic products has greatly increased the risk of children suffering from myopia. Orbis • Mentholatum Kindergarten Campaign 2023-24 experiential workshop – "DifficulTEA" allows children to understand their eyes and encourages children to develop the eye care habit from an early age in fun.

Through lively audio navigation journey, eyecare talk, interactive games and singing, Orbis Campus Team cultivates kids in good habits of eyecare and healthy living. The focus of the workshop is the 'special glasses' that allows kids to experience having refreshments under obstacles, feeling and sharing the difficulties with myopia to build a spirit of helpfulness and empathy.


  1. Please complete and return the enrollment form to Orbis by email or by fax.
  2. Workshops can be scheduled from 9:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday. Orbis will contact the school via phone call and email to confirm the workshop.
  3. Once the date is confirmed, Orbis will send the Orbis eyecare drawing recipe to school according to the total number of participants.
  4. Please distribute the eyecare drawing recipe and parent letters to your students to encourage donations. Inform the Orbis team of the total number of donations so that we can prepare the eyecare goodie pack. Also, provide the donation receipt list, as appropriate.
  5. Students who donate $40 or above will receive a set of eyecare kits, including special blurry glasses, a Braille card, A-Z eyecare picture books, and stickers. Orbis will send the kits to the school before the workshop.
  6. The Orbis Campus Team will host an eye care talk on-site. Teachers will lead the blindfold tea session with facilitator notes provided by Orbis.
  7. Your school can choose to collect donations online, in cash, or by cheque. If an online fundraising page is needed, Orbis can provide assistance.
  8. For online donations, receipts will be issued immediately. For cash or cheque donations, Orbis will send receipts for donations over HK$100 to the school within 3 months to minimize administrative costs.

Contact Orbis Campus Team for 'DifficulTea' eyecare workshop emrollement.
(Cantonese or English)
Workshop time: 9:30 to 17:00, Mon-Fri

If your school is interested in joining “DifficulTea” eyecare workshop, Orbis is willing to provide the following services and materials:

Special Thanks

Contact Orbis Campus Team

Phone number: 2508 7026 Orbis Campus

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