Leadership Programme: Orbis Student Ambassadors Campaign

Cultivating youngsters’ sense of identity as a global citizen is increasingly vital under globalisation. With a new school year fast approaching, Orbis sincerely invite local colleges to support our Student Ambassador Campaign 2023-2024 (SAC). Challenge Limitations, Broaden Horizons, Eyes on Us!

To Whom Having Infinite Vision for the Future – 2023-2024 Orbis Student Ambassador Campaign

Themed ‘Eyes on Us’, SAC 2023-24 invites entrants to take global blindness awareness as the entry point, seek the way and challenges of meeting Sustainable Development Goals. In SAC, students can join the joint-school seminar, dark experience, and voluntary work, and learn about the goals and values of global blindness-saving. Also, students can hold activities at school, e.g. concerts, bazaars, casual wear day, etc. Having blindness-saving as the aim, SAC promotes and encourages schoolmates to care about their eye health, trains their leadership, social skills, creativity and team spirit, as well as the ability to face challenge!

Eligibility: Hong Kong senior secondary and tertiary school students

How to join: Form a group of 2-8 schoolmates and hold fundraising activities at school, spreading the blindness-saving mission of Orbis to schoolmates

Main Activities:

  • “A Dialogue with Orbis” Seminar
  • Experience in the Dark
  • Team Fundraising Competition
  • Be an Orbis Volunteer
  • Overseas Orbis Mission Trip
  • Visionary Leadership U-Life Experience Camp


  • Top Fundraising Awards - Champion, 1st and 2nd runner-up
  • Most Creative Fundraising Plan Award
  • Most Influential Plan Award

All Student Ambassadors would receive:

  • Student Ambassador Pin
  • Participation Certificate with name
  • Certificate of Volunteer Service Hours with name

Enrollment deadline: October 31, 2023

For any enquiry, don't hesitate to contact Orbis Campus Team at 2508 7026

Student Ambassador Campaign 2022-23 Highlights

1. “A Dialogue with Orbis” Joint School Seminar

Orbis will provide different supporters including corporate partners, volunteer ophthalmologists, previous Student Ambassadors and trip captain to share the goals of sustainable development and the concept of Global Citizenship.

2. Blind Tour

Student Ambassadors will experience the lived of the blind in darkness by navigating different obstacles as a team with their eyes covered.

3. Organizing fundraising activities

Student Ambassadors act as leaders and organize at least one fundraising activity in campus such as casual wear day, singing contest, charity sales and readathon, etc. for Orbis.

4. Student Ambassador Campaign Ceremony

Student Ambassador Teams present and summarise the outcomes of the whole campaign. Judges score the teams and present the awards.

5. Overseas mission trip —— Bangladesh

Student Ambassador Team competed for awards and joined the overseas mission trip during the summer holiday. They witnessed the work of Orbis, and enhanced their sense of mission to become a "global citizen".

Mission Trip to Bangladesh in August 2023

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