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We make every dollar counts! All funds you donate to the Orbis Friends Monthly Donation Program will strengthens our sight-saving power and enables us to continue expanding medical training and eye care education programs. Please feel free to make your monthly donations in the name of either yourself or others.

Your regular giving will support Orbis's the collective planning and implementation of long-term sight-saving strategies that will end the misery of needless visual impairment forever.


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Bank auto payment

Simply make a monthly donation via your Hong Kong dollar bank account or credit card. Once your auto payment authorization is approved, we'll send you a letter confirming when your donations will begin. Your Orbis Friends donation will normally be debited on the 8th day of each month or the next working day if the 8th falls on a weekend or public holiday.

All accumulated donations of HK$100 or over annually are tax deductible in Hong Kong. Annual receipts for monthly donations will be issued in April (please specify the name on receipt if it's different from the donor).

To change your monthly donation amount or autopay via bank/credit card account, please download form, complete and return your signed form to us or change information online.

To discontinue your monthly donation, please inform us in writing. Please download the termination of monthly donation form, complete and return the form to Orbis. Alternatively, please write to us with your donor number, donor name, account number and contact details.

Termination notifications received before the 25th of each month will become effective the following month.



  • an eye examination package at the Orbis price of HK$350 at PolyVision Eyecare Centres
  • attractive annual certificates and souvenirs
  • invitations to activities such as donor gatherings,sight-saving field trips, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital tours and fun-filled workshops
  • a personalized Orbis Friend membership card
  • Orbis' biannual "Observer" and regular email updates

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Enjoy your tax-deduction whilst restoring sight!

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Phone number: 2595 0263

Address: GPO Box 71