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Since 1982, our Flying Eye Hospital has been a call to action for better eye care around the world for more than three decades. Wherever it lands, it raises awareness, creates change and rallies supporters - from local governments, global organizations, philanthropists, to the general public - to join the global fight to end avoidable blindness.

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Join Orbis Monthly Donation Program - Partners In Sight

All funds raised by our Partners In Sight program will be used to support our Flying Eye Hospital medical programs. A monthly donation of HK$500 is all that’s needed to help us subsidize surgeries for patients and train eye care professionals.

A meaningful souvenir for Partner-In-Sight member only

When you become a Partners In Sight member, you will receive an Orbis Flying Eye Hospital model (scale 1:500) as thank you souvenir.

More to come...

  • Enjoy a "Comprehensive Eye Examination" at the special Orbis price of just HK$350, at any PolyVision Eyecare Centre.
  • Receive regular communications material to learn the most updated Orbis's sight saving programs and funrdaising updates.
  • Exclusive invitation on Orbis activities such as eye care talks, sight-saving field trips, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital tours and many more.
  • Get a personalized Orbis membership card with unique donor number.

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You've given Shunwen hope for a brighter future

July 26, 2017

Sporting a pink sweater and holding the hand of her legal guardian, seven-year-old Shunwen Wang smiles when spoken to and easily breaks into giggles. She exhibits the hallmark signs of having limited or distorted vision: eyes not responding to motion, yet darting erratically to track the location of sounds and voices in her immediate vicinity.
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