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How do I/we apply online?

i. Simply visit the Moonwalkers event webpage and select your category, enter your personal information and make an online credit card donation. Please settle the minimum sponsorship amount or the deposit of $200 per head when submitting your registration.

ii. Upon completion, individual participants/team leaders will receive three emails with the subject lines – "Participant Login", "Sponsorship Payment Confirmation" and "Sponsorship Invitation Template".

iii. Individual participants / team leaders who have already paid their minimum sponsorship amount will receive an additional email with the subject line – "Online Application Confirmation- Interim".

iv. Individual participants / team leaders can access the Moonwalkers fundraising webpage when making an online donation, checking their total donation and/or sponsorship amount, and/or updating their personal information.

v. Individual participants / team leaders must pay their minimum sponsorship amounts by Wednesday, October 24, 2018 before 5:00p.m. to secure their place(s) on the walk. Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to those making the earliest successful payment of their minimum sponsorship amount.

vi. Individual participants / team leaders will receive an email with the subject line "Online Application Confirmation- Final" on or before Friday, October 26, 2018.

vii. Super Moonwalkers participants can collect their "Super Moonwalkers T-shirts" and souvenir packs between November 1 and 4, 2018. Redemption details will be provided via email on October 26, 2018.

viii. An e-registration card enabling admission to, and gift collection at Moonwalkers 2018 will be sent to individual participants/ team leaders between November 5 and 7, 2018. Should you/your team leader NOT receive your/their e-registration card(s) by November 8, 2018, please contact Orbis by no later than noon the next day or we will not be able to complete your/your team’s registration. Please note that e-registration card replacement and walk-in registrations will NOT be not available on the night.

* Please contact us at 2595 0263 if you do not receive the emails mentioned above after a certain period of time.

I am a team leader, what are the special functions on the Moonwalkers fundraising page that help me to facilitate my role?

Individual participants and team leaders can log into their own page and make use of the following functions: (menu shown on the left side of screen)

  • Personal Profile/Team Member Information – Update personal contact details, change your password, change your team’s name and input and update your team members’ information. Once you/a team leader fills in his/her team members’ email addresses, they can also access the fundraising page when making donations and/or amending their personal details.
  • Sponsorship Reports – Search your/your team’s sponsors and amend receipt recipient name(s) (enter each relevant sponsor’s details and click “Search” and then select the "Sponsor’s surname" or "Sponsor’s given name" button.
  • Sponsorship Summaries – An at-a-glance overview of your/your team’s overall sponsorship status.
  • Sponsor Donation Adjustment – Simultaneously allocate receipts to several individual donors at once (only applies to those authorized donation records which cannot be recovered once split).
  • Payment – An easier way to support Moonwalkers 2018.
  • Spread the word via email & Facebook – Boost your team’s sponsorship amount with just one or two clicks.

Can individual team members obtain a personal login ID and password email notification for this year’s fundraising official event webpage?

Once your team leader has submitted his/her individual team members' email addresses upon registration, each team member will receive two emails with the subject lines "Team Member Login" and "Sponsorship Invitation Email Template". Team members can then log in to their own Moonwalkers fundraising webpage for making credit card donations or updating their personal information. Once logged in, individual team members can also boost their team’s sponsorship amount via the website’s user-friendly email and social sharing button.

Can I/we alter my/our participation category?

We regret that once successfully submitted, participant categories cannot be changed. Please contact us on 2595 0263 for clarification.

If I/we decide to quit the event before it takes place, will our deposit(s) and donation(s) be refunded?

No, we regret that once processed, deposits and donations cannot be refunded.