Father embraces his daughter.

【Mother's Day】Let children see again

May 2018

Thank you for allowing Racheal to see my face! This is the best gift for Mother’s Day.

Racheal's Mother

One-year-old Racheal was diagnosed with cataracts. Her mother, Verah, did not miss any chance to cure her daughter’s eye disease. She heard there was going to be an Orbis eye screening in Mansa Village, so she bicycled with her daughter to Mansa Hospital which is 60 kilometers from her home. After a year of darkness, little Racheal had her bandages removed and was able to see her mother for the very first time.

Orbis cordially invites you to simply make a donation in either your or your mum’s name on Mother’s Day, to express your appreciation to your mum and mothers all over the world and at the same time, helping more visually impaired children, like Racheal, to see the world again.

One-off donation of $300 helps subsidize cataract surgery for a visually impaired child.

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Share your love to your mother as well as the visually impaired who live in the developing countries on this Mother’s Day.