【Charitable Donation FAQ】

As this financial year nears its end, we sincerely invite you and your loved ones to take advantage of your donations’ tax-deductible charity status to help the needlessly blind worldwide.

Here are few frequently asked questions about charitable donations:

1. What Kind of Donation Is Eligible for Tax Deduction?

Orbis is an approved charitable institution. In accordance with the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong, if the total amount of your donations* to an approved charitable institution is HK$100 or above during a financial year, these will be tax-deductible upon submission of donation receipts.

*Donation does not include the purchase of raffle, registration fee of Orbis events, product sales, etc.

To apply for tax deduction for donations, please refer to the government website: https://www.gov.hk/en/resident...

Take advantage of your charitable donation tax credit by March 30 to double the impact

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2. How Long Could I Collect the Receipt?

One-off Donation

You can make an online donation and receive receipt via email. For offline donation, the donation receipt will be sent out to you by email or local postage within 4 to 6 weeks.

Monthly Donation

Our team at Orbis will issue annual receipts for all monthly tax-deductible donations during the month of April for each year to our monthly supporters by email or local postage.

3. Do I Have to Keep the Supporting Documents?

To substantiate your claim and for verification of the amount later, you must ask for donation receipts from the tax-exempt charity or the Government and should retain the receipts.

To reissue the donation receipt, please contact our Donor Services Department on (852) 25950263 or email to [email protected] during office hours.

4. Could I Have Receipt Name Different From Name of Donor?

Yes, you may do so. Please simply state clearly on the donation form the name in English you wish to be printed on the donation receipt.

5. How My Donation Helps on Sight-Restoring?

With your generous support of any amount, Orbis and volunteer medical professionals can acquire sufficient resources to educate communities about eye health and provide people in need with appropriate and timely services. As a result, they can escape from avoidable eye diseases and blindness. Take the current "1+1 Online Gift-Matching" as an example:

  • If you donate HK$600, the matching sponsor will contribute a further HK$600 and so help subsidize two strabismus surgeries for children.
  • If you donate HK$1,000, the matching sponsor will contribute HK$1,000 and so help subsidize eye examination for 2,000 villagers.
  • If you donate HK$3,000, the matching sponsor will contribute HK$3,000 and so help subsidize distribution of antibiotics that will protect 1,000 people from trachoma
  • If you donate HK$5,000, the matching sponsor will contribute HK$5,000 and so help deliver intensive training to one ophthalmologist in developing countries

Please make a 2022/23 tax-deductible donation to Orbis now.

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